The Impossible Test level 21-30 answers and walkthroughs for every level of this challenging game. From PixelCUBE Studios comes The Impossible Test, the most difficult mobile games to ever grace the app store. Can’t pass the test? Then you’re in luck: here you will find all of your Impossible Test level 21-30 answers and walkthroughs.

The Impossible Test Level 21 Answers


  • Shake the phone.
  • When the bucket is filled, the level is done.

The Impossible Test Level 22 Answers


  • Hit the targets. Do it quickly because they move fast.

The Impossible Test Level 23 Answers


  • Don’t press anything and you will advance.

The Impossible Test Level 24 Answers



  • Click the leftmost balloon, then the rightmost, then the left, then the right.

The Impossible Test Level 25 Answers


  • Drag each chip into its corresponding space on the cookie.

The Impossible Test Level 26 Answers


  • Do exactly what the instructions say. Hit the circles in this order: green, orange, red, blue.

The Impossible Test Level 27 Answers



  • Check out the bubbles. The bubbles are different for one of the fish.
  • In this picture, it’s the bottom-center fish.

The Impossible Test Level 28 Answers



  • Not a trick. Shake the phone and the ice will break. This will advance the level.

The Impossible Test Level 29 Answers



  • Hit the enemy as fast as you can.
  • Be careful, his health regenerates.

The Impossible Test Level 30 Answers



  • Tap whichever combination you want in order to get 55.
  • The easiest is to tap 25 twice and then 5.