The Impossible Test level 11-20 answers and walkthroughs for every level of this challenging game. From PixelCUBE Studios comes The Impossible Test, the most difficult mobile games to ever grace the app store. Can’t pass the test? Then you’re in luck: here you will find all of your Impossible Test level 11-20 answers and walkthroughs.

The Impossible Test Level 11 Answers



  • Tap the bottom-right blue square.

The Impossible Test Level 12 Answers



  • Drag the Earth on the right into the black hole.

The Impossible Test Level 13 Answers



  • This is a trick level. Touch the words instead of the circles.

The Impossible Test Level 14 Answers



  • Drag the saw back and forth with your finger until the wood breaks.

The Impossible Test Level 15 Answers



  • Click the green square to the right. It will shift and become a diamond.

The Impossible Test Level 16 Answers



  • Drag the penguin away from the center of the screen.
  • Click the egg left behind.

The Impossible Test Level 17 Answers



  • Drag the exclamation point from the sentence on top of the screen and place it at the end of the second sentence.


The Impossible Test Level 18 Answers



  • Turn the phone upside down.
  • Make sure the text is facing the correct way.

The Impossible Test Level 19 Answers



  • Take this level slowly. If you miss, you’ll lose a life.
  • Click the green, then the yellow, and finish it off with the red.

The Impossible Test Level 20 Answers



  • Tap only the red ninja stars. Clicking the grey stars will result in a loss of life.