The Impossible Quiz level 81-90 answers and walkthroughs will help you through these grueling stages. The Impossible Quiz is an absurd game created by Splapp-Me-Do and inXile Entertainment as the strangest test to ever appear on the Web. Don’t know how many nose jobs Michael Jackson had? Don’t give up hope. We have all the Impossible Quiz answers you need here.

Impossible Quiz Level 81

Answer: “Rub” the lightning rod until lightning strikes it, then click or tap the green arrow

Impossible Quiz Level 82

Answer: Click or tap the toenails to cut all ten before time runs out

Impossible Quiz Level 83

Answer: National Dyslexic Association

Impossible Quiz Level 84

Answer: Avoid the meteors and move the cursor so it touches both skips and THEN the shooting star. You must get both skips to beat the game

Impossible Quiz Level 85

Answer: I loved it!

Impossible Quiz Level 86

Answer: The Prince

Impossible Quiz Level 87

Answer: Click or tap the missing dot inside the circle around “87”

Impossible Quiz Level 88

Answer: Click or tap Sonic the Hedgehog’s leg repeatedly until it breaks (before time runs out)

Impossible Quiz Level 89

Answer: Blindness

Impossible Quiz Level 90

Answer: Nonce