The Impossible Quiz level 101-110 answers and walkthroughs will allow you to beat the Epic Ten. These are the very last and hardest levels of Splapp-Me-Do’s Impossible Quiz. Can you spell “chihuahua” in ten seconds? Don’t freak out. We have all the Impossible Quiz answers you need here.

Impossible Quiz Level 101

Answer: Spell “chihuahua” with the onscreen keyboard

Impossible Quiz Level 102

Answer: Avoid the squares and touch the red dots only

Impossible Quiz Level 103

Answer: Find Dennis the Square Tomato just above the third and fourth skips from the right and click/tap on him

Impossible Quiz Level 104

Answer: Click or tap on the big yellow sad moon

Impossible Quiz Level 105

Answer: Spell the word “banana” using the “b” in “gooseberry,” the “a” in “apple,” and the second “n” in “nectarine”

Impossible Quiz Level 106

Answer: Keep the cursor on the road and don’t tough anything else (computer players can hold down the left mouse button to cheat and move anywhere, but not the right)

Impossible Quiz Level 107

Answer: Wait for the “Game Over” screen to appear, then for the “You do well!” screen to appear (don’t click or tap anything, just wait)

Impossible Quiz Level 108

Answer: Enter the code from “Lost” (question 50), 4 8 15 16 23 42

Impossible Quiz Level 109

Answer: Click Spider-Monkey’s left buttock repeatedly to make him defecate until a brown arrow appears

Impossible Quiz Level 110

Answer: Use all 7 skips you got during the Quiz